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Media Interview

iMoney – Focus
07 October 2023


Environmental issues have recently become hot topics across various industries, and the construction industry is certainly no exception. iMoney Magazine recently featured an article highlighting the support of Ms. Grace Kwok, our Chairman and Executive Director, in her capacity as a Director of the Hong Kong Green Building Council, for the "Zero-Carbon-Ready Building Certification Scheme" released in July. In support of the meaningful scheme manual, Grace shed lights on the importance of introducing a localized guideline in promoting Hong Kong's construction industry towards achieving carbon neutrality goals.


As a leading expert in green architecture in Hong Kong, Grace remarked on the significance of the "Zero-Carbon-Ready Building Certification Scheme," stating that investors worldwide have higher demands for corporate environmental standards now, and climate issues and related policies have become considerations for investors. She emphasized that Hong Kong's climate conditions differ in many aspects from other western countries, and therefore, Hong Kong companies should not simply adopt foreign standards in addressing climate issues and environmental protection. Compared to international standards such as TCFD, Grace believes that the introduction of a localized guideline through the "Zero-Carbon-Ready Building Certification Scheme" can more effectively assist local companies in understanding, assessing, and managing climate issues.

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