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Award | Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards

Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards Alumnae Group has announced the list of this year's "WomenInSustainabilityLeadership" representatives from around the world. Grace Kwok, Chairman and Executive Director of AEC Group, was honored to be selected as one of the 2022 "WomenInSustainabilityLeadership".

In her award acceptance speech, Grace mentioned that climate change has become an unprecedented crisis for humanity in the last decade, that she was grateful to have the opportunity to drive climate action and build up climate resilience with her work. As a woman, Grace particularly dedicated to promoting sustainability governance among female leaders and nurturing young women by means of continuous sharing and mentorship. In fact, Grace can see growing number of young leaders putting forth tremendous efforts to achieve sustainable development in this decade. This positive impact would, in turn, leverage their influence circle and networks to drive further change and sustainable initiatives in the community at large.

As a sustainability and environmental consultancy firm based in Hong Kong, AEC will continue to provide one-stop on-demand services to our clients and create a greener future through delivering business results.


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