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Speaking | Inclusive Cities White Paper

As a Sustainable Development Goals supporter, AEC Group believes in not only tackling environmental issues leading to sustainable cities. Businesses also contribute to creating inclusive societies and a sustainable world.

Our Chairman and Executive Director, Ms. Grace KWOK, expressed her point of view about how to achieve inclusion in businesses in the "Inclusive Cities White Paper - Co-creating A More Sustainable, Happier & Healthier Hong Kong", highlighting the discussion from last year’s Co-creating an inclusive Hong Kong”. Keynote presented at WLAB’s Inclusive Cities Summit:

"To embed inclusion into organization thinking, I recommend starting with a Diversity and Inclusion statement and governance and making considerations not only in HR but also within business operations and investment decisions. Once inclusion becomes part of our decision-making matrix, we each become aware of the potential impact we can make in our respective roles. "

On the other hand, communication is of great importance "to help organizations evaluate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to improve wellness performance and take action. IWBI's Well Equity rating is one of the tools."

To learn more about the Inclusive Cities: Inclusive Cities White Paper (


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