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Collaboration | Macau Commercial Post ESG Symposium Exchange Tour

AEC Group was thrilled to be one of the supporting organizations for Macau Commercial Post’s ESG Symposium Exchange Tour which has drawn to a successful close in Zhuhai last week! The insightful two-day tour, joined by our CEO and Executive Director Mr. Dennis Wu, has brought together renewable energy experts, corporate leaders, and youths from Hong Kong and Macau to exchange insights on how corporations can keep up with the next new wave of ESG and the potential growth of renewable energy industry in China under the dual carbon agenda.

One of the highlights of the tour was the ESG Symposium, held at the Zhuhai Fudan Innovation Research Institute, where Dennis shared his insights as one of the keynote speakers on new opportunities for the industry in the “dual carbon” era. Emphasizing energy security in national governance, Dennis stated that developing renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency will become the main focus of the next phase’s national policy in China. He believed that from 2023 onwards the industry will rely more heavily on renewable energy and hydrogen, carbon credits, green technology, big data, and natural capital.

A huge thank you to the Macau Commercial Post for this incredible experience! Surfing the next wave of ESG, AEC Group will continue to help corporations rise up to the challenges and seize every opportunity to stay ahead with the best ESG practices in the “dual carbon” era!


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