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Event | AEC Becoming an Official Participant on HKEx Core Climate to Drive Carbon Trading Market

Great news! AEC Group is listed as an official participant on Core Climate, the first international carbon marketplace initiated by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), to demonstrate our full support in the development of carbon trading in Hong Kong.

We are delighted to join this ground-breaking carbon marketplace among other esteemed corporate entities, including Bank of China Ltd, CLP Holdings Limited, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, Tencent Holdings Limited, New World Development Company Limited and more, to engage in effective and transparent trading of voluntary carbon credits and instruments across Asia and beyond.

Holistic services we offer on the Core Climate Platform:

  • Product registration services: Register Products on the Core Climate Platform for sale to other Participants;

  • Trading services: Buying Products from and sell Products to other Participants;

  • Offset services: Assisting Participant with offsetting and removing Products from the carbon market; and

  • Transfer services: Facilitating the transfer of Products from the Participant’s User Account to the Participant’s Registry Account.

All projects listed on Core Climate are verified against international standards, such as the Verified Carbon Standard by VERRA. They are well-governed and internationally-certified carbon credits projects from around the world, including carbon avoidance, reduction, and removal projects, located mainly in China, Africa, Brazil, and Southeast Asia with project vintage year from 2016 onwards.

Joining Core Climate marked a significant step forward in AEC Group’s efforts to drive the development of a carbon trading market in Hong Kong. AEC Group is proud to be a part of the concerted effort to promote a net-zero transformation globally, and we look forward to exploring more climate-related opportunities in the future!

See more details of Core Climate:


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