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Speaking | AEC Research Paper Shortlisted at Inter-noise 2023

Sharing knowledge is our thing! AEC Group is very excited to see our Acoustics Team presenting their shortlisted research paper at the Inter-noise 2023 conference in Chiba, Japan! The theme of the conference was "Quieter Society with Diversity & Inclusion," covering all aspects of noise, acoustics, and vibration design. With 18 technical areas and over 100 structured sessions, the program highlighted cutting-edge research in the field and brought together researchers and representatives from acoustical communities around the world.

AEC Group shared more in-depth and technical knowledge about our research topic – Integration of Smart City: Planning in Noise Assessment and its Benefits. Here are some key takeaways from our team’s insightful presentation:

  • Presented a framework to assess the noise data integration of Smart City

  • 4 implementations were assessed on their level of integration via the above framework

  • Hong Kong has laid a good foundation for further Smart City integration with Web-Nat and Environmental Database Central Portal

  • A top-down approach from regulating body allows for higher adaptation

Thank you to Internoise for the opportunity! We look forward to discovering more revolutionizing projects and endless possibilities in the acoustic industry together!


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