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Speaking | BCI Asia Awards Hong Kong 2023

The annual BCI Asia Awards was a huge success! Thank you BCI Central for having Mr. Dennis Wu, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of AEC Group, at the BCI Asia Awards 2023 Ceremony who delivered a keynote speech as the Founding President of GBACNA. It was an incredible honor to celebrate among Hong Kong’s finest developers, contractors, and architectural firms their remarkable achievements and contributions to the real estate industry and their conscious efforts to create a more sustainable built environment in Hong Kong.

Highlighting the robust growth of real estate development, Dennis mentioned that NetZeroDesign and ScienceBasedTargets have major transformative impacts on the built environment in the face of climate change in terms of planning, designing, and operation. These approaches represent a commitment to the principles of energy efficiency, as well as a holistic guide to help navigate design options and choices of materials to minimize environmental impact. Dennis also introduced the Building Sector Science-based Target Setting Guidance, which not only provides companies the useful methodologies for target setting but also the essential tools to adopt decarbonization pathways for both in-use carbon and embodied carbon in alignment with the 1.5 °C goal of the ParisAgreement to mitigate the impacts of global warming.

A huge congratulations to all the winning developers, contractors, and architectural firms! AECGroup will continue to work hard to reshape our cities, create healthier environments, and build a brighter, decarbonized future.


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