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Media Interview

Ms. Grace Kwok and Mr. Dennis Wu were interviewed
by Hong Kong Economic Journal

01 Dec 2020

AEC interview with HK Economic Journal

AEC Group ’s interview under the ESG-related series was published by Hong Kong Economic Journal on 30 November 2020. In the interview, Ms Grace Kwok, Chairman and Executive Director of AEC Group, mentioned that the corporates’ awareness on ESG has increased and the requirements of their investors and clients have also accordingly enhanced. Therefore, corporates are now going beyond compliance and further adding sustainability features to break through. Grace also pointed out that there is an increasing demand for green building and healthy building certification services under the pandemic situation.


In addition, Mr Dennis Wu, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of AEC Group, has indicated that the financial sector has an increasing demand on ESG investment and risk management. Investors have incorporated ESG into their investment decisions, hoping to manage risks and bring sustainable returns.


Read more (Chinese only):

沛然環保助打造綠色建築企業重視ESG 衍生認證需求





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