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AEC one-stop ESG data management platform-Sustainature

One Button to ESG Reporting & Data Management

AEC has developed Sustainature, an all-in-one cloud-based platform, to help corporates with ESG data collection, management, and analysis across their portfolios and to track their performance through target-setting.

What Sustainature Does

Sustainature is an online management platform that simplifies the process of ESG data processing for enterprises of all types, analyzes and manages data in one place, and helps generate ESG reports in compliance with the requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ("HKEX").

Target Tracker

Data Centralization

Reporting Scope Adjustment

Progress Tracker

Report Generation

Carbon Reduction Monitoring

Live Chart

Data Process Streamline

Visual Data Check Tool

Background Logic Check

Green Innovation & Partnership

Sustainability Database

Internet Intelligence

Marine Robotic

Bamboo Materials

Green Finance

Climate Resilience Technology

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