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Acoustics, Audiovisual,
Lighting, & Theatre Planning


ALVeX Design Consultants Limited is a multidisciplinary professional services firm, a subsidiary of AEC Group, providing design, engineering, and planning services across different aspects of user experiences.



AEC has provided solutions by ensuring the sound quality of concert and lecture halls, and noise isolation privacy for residences and office spaces. AEC possesses a team of acousticians with a depth of project experience to draw from and a diverse set of skills like simulation, computation, and design to navigate this science.


Audiovisual systems are among the drivers of the multimedia technology trend we are seeing become essential in the 21st Century. AEC’s AV team can help build these systems from the schematic stage to the integration stage and enrich a patron – and owner – experiences.

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AEC offers a comprehensive lighting design service, from initial strategic advice and concept development to construction and on-site support. Our electrical lighting services include architectural, façade, and landscape lighting designs. AEC’s lighting team is also skilled in daylight modeling, which, by working closely with architects, enhances natural light distribution through building interiors by reflecting and diverting different colors to materials.

Theatre planning

AEC’s team is proficient in these and can provide solutions to functional planning of public front of house areas, back of house circulation, machinery, fly tower and rigging systems, stage engineering, communication infrastructure, seating, lighting sightline studies, and many more technical considerations.

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