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Collaboration | AEC Group Enriched Art Exhibition with Hearty Experience of Human Senses

AEC Group was honoured to be the supporting organization of the the “RECUERDOS of the City, the Land & the Harbour” exhibition held from 18 to 27 Dec 2022. Our audio-visual, lighting and acoustics consultant team provided specialist soundscape and lighting design for the exhibition. Enacting collectively with three esteemed local architects, Vincent Ng, William Tseng, and Jeff Tung, AEC devised a design to recreate city life and promote a sustainable Hong Kong. In this project, AEC’s professional team tailored various soundscapes and lighting programs to create a hearty experience of three human senses for visitors with audio and visual enjoyment. The exhibition design would guide visitors to comprehend the relationship between humans and nature and explore doable ways of practicing sustainability.


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