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Glass Buildings

Our Professional Services

• BEAM Plus

• Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

• China Green Building Label (GBL)

•Building Research Establishment EnvironmentalAssessment Method (BREEAM)

• WELL Building Standard

• Fitwel


• IS Rating

• Road Traffic Noise Model

• On-site Noise Measurement

• Exterior Lighting Simulation

• Thermal Comfort Study

• CFD Model for Public Transport Interchange

• Solar Irradiation Analysis

• Natural Daylight Access Model

• Indoor Daylight Access Simulation

• Indoor Ventilation Performance

• Outdoor Ventilation Performance

• Overshadowing Analysis

• Natural Ventilation Study and Mockup Testing for Acoustic Window

• Air Pollutant Emission Path Analysis

• Wind Amplification Assessment

• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

• Noise Impact Assessment

• Air Quality and Odour Impact Assessment

• Land Quality Assessment (Land Contamination and Marine Sediment Assessment)

• Drainage and Sewerage Impact Assessment

• Water Supply Impact Assessment

• Water Quality Impact Assessment

• Landfill Gas Hazard Assessment

• Quantitative Risk Assessment

• Ecological Impact Assessment

• Preliminary Environmental Review

• Environmental Assessment Support on Town Planning Applications

• Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A)

• Independent Environmental Checker

• Environmental Team Leader

• Environmental Due Diligence

• Environmental Feasibility Study

• Waste Management Strategy

• Carbon Audit

• Expert Witness

• Sustainable Building Design (including Daylight and Natural Ventilation Study, Building Permeability Performance, Air Ventilation Assessment, CFD Study as well as Microclimate Study)

• Overall Thermal Transfer Value Study

• Building Façade and Energy Study

• Architectural & Building Acoustics 
• Structure Borne & Airborne Noise Control 
• Stage Lighting System 
• Theatre Planning & Stage Engineering System 
• Architectural & Façade Lighting System
• Landscape Lighting System 
• Media Streaming System & Infrastructure 
• Integrated Control System & Facility Management 
• Sound Reinforcement & Public Address System 
• Presentation & Conference System

• Sustainability Strategy

• Stakeholder Engagement

• Materiality Assessment

• Data Collection

• Content Development

• Continual Improvement

• Green Finance Advisory & External Review

• ESG Research & Analysis

• Sustainature - an online ESG data management platform

• Sustainability Database

• Internet Intelligence

• Marine Robotic

• Bamboo Materials

• Green Finance

• Climate Resilience Technology

Professional Membership of Green Building

AEC's green building capability-HKGBC BEAM Pro
AEC's green building capability-LEED Fellow
AEC's green building capability-WELL AP
AEC's green building capability-Green Building Label
AEC's green building capability-BREEAM AP

Professional Membership of Sustainability &
Environmental Consultancy

AEC's sustainability and environmental consultancy capability-HKIQEP
AEC's sustainability and environmental consultancy capability-HKIE
AEC's sustainability and environmental consultancy capability-the Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment
AEC's sustainability and environmental consultancy capability-the Society of Environmental Engineers

Professional Membership of Acoustics,
Audio-Visual, & Lighting Design

AEC's acoustics, audio-visual, lighting design capability-HKIOA
AEC's acoustics, audio-visual, lighting design capability-Institute of Acoustics
AEC's acoustics, audio-visual, lighting design capability-IALD
AEC's acoustics, audio-visual, lighting design capability-Acoustical Society of America

Professional Membership of ESG

AEC's ESG capability-GRI
AEC was a CDP Accredited Provider in 2021
AEC provides TCFD consultation
AEC's ESG capability-CRREM
AEC's ESG capability-GRESB

Other Professional Qualifications

AEC's capability-Chartered Engineer
AEC's capability-Institution of Mechanical Engineers
AEC's capability-the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
AEC's capability-the Association of Energy Engineers
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