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Award | 2022 BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards

Exciting news! AEC Group was awarded “5 years + EcoPioneer” and “EcoChallenger” of the 2022 BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards, an event held by BOCHK together with the Federation of Hong Kong Industries. As a pioneer sustainability and environmental consulting firm, AEC Group is delighted to uplift their sustainability performance through our ESG advisory and reporting services, as well as being recognized for our consistent effort in environmental advocacy and green building projects throughout the years.

Joining the ranks of WorldGBC Asia Pacific Net Zero Collaborators since 2021, AEC Group has been driven by a vision to promote sustainable development in the community around the globe and shape a net-zero future for all, demonstrating what is meant by “Walk the Talk” through integrating multiple initiatives into our daily operation to improve our environmental and sustainability performance with enhanced synergistic connection between our clients and stakeholders through our professional one-stop on-demand environmental consultancy services.


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