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Award | WGO Certified GOALS Green Office for 5+ Years

AEC Group hit the “GOALS” again! Not just any “goals”, it’s the Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme (GOALS), a program initiated by the 世界綠色組織 (World Green Organisation) to support and recognize companies that have demonstrated sufficient achievements in green workplace practices. AEC Group has been a certified GOALS Green Office since 2018, and we believe that a greener workplace benefits the environment and improves employee morale and productivity. As part of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, AEC Group has implemented various green initiatives in the office to be a part of our decarbonization roadmap, such as:

  • Smart lighting and clear lighting zoning

  • Room temperature control and air-conditioning zoning

  • Smart water taps and dual water flushing for water conservation

  • Collection of recycling materials such as coffee grounds, plastic bottles, and paper

  • Paperless publications to reduce paper waste

  • Installation of air purifiers to improve air quality

Thank you to World Green Organisation for recognizing our efforts in promoting a healthy green office culture! AEC Group will continue to contribute to the global effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and create a better tomorrow!


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