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Case Study | Provision of Management Services for EcoPark: Operation Phase EM&A Works

AEC has been the Environmental Team for the operation phase Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) project for EcoPark. Under the auspice of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), EcoPark is Hong Kong’s first business park that provides and affordable and flexible space for the development of recycling and upcycling industries. During the Year, 9 tenants were operating their recycling businesses within EcoPark in the following recycling operations:

• Waste cooking oil

• Waste metals

• Waste wood

• Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

• Waste plastics

• Waste batteries

• Construction and demolition waste

• Waste glass

• Waste rubber tyres

AEC had helped to facilitate the further development of recycling and upcycling industries of Hong Kong. AEC has been working with the operator of EcoPark, potential tenants, and the EPD on devising new recycling processes that can be trialled and operated. 4 new recycling processes had been approved for operation during the Year. Moreover, AEC has been continuously monitoring EcoPark’s operational environmental performances, by conducting regular site visits, environmental monitoring and providing recommendations for environmental performance enhancement.

In all, AEC has played a huge part in accelerating the development for Hong Kong’s recycling industry, and in the long run, helped Hong Kong to develop into a decarbonized metropolis by 2050.

Performance Highlights

New recycling processes approved in the Year


Waste WEEE processed at Ecopark during the Year

26,629 Tonnes

Waste Construction & Demolition (C&D) materials processed during the Year

49,586 Tonnes


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