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Certification | New Milestone! Our First EDGE Green Building Certification for Y83

Another new milestone for AEC Group! We are excited to announce that we just obtained our first EDGE Green Building Certification for Y83! It is the first hospitality project in Hong Kong to obtain the Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE Level 1), launched by IFC - International Finance Corporation – a member of The World Bank Group. Thanks to our Green and Healthy Building team at AEC Group who has played a prominent role in this project by advising on a resource-efficient and cost-effective strategy to help transform this former hotel into a sustainable building with remarkable savings.

Since its establishment in 2014, Y83 has succeeded in achieving the following savings:

  • 81% reduction in embodied energy in materials

  • 35% water savings

  • 21% energy savings

We believe that the EDGE Green Building Certification is just the beginning! With our extensive experiences in providing green building certification consultancy, AEC Group will continue to commit to building a healthy and sustainable communities and future!

Read more about the Y83 project:


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