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Collaboration | CRREM's First-ever Guideline of Setting Decarbonization Targets for Asia Market

Since the beginning of 2023, CRREM - Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor has successively revved the real estate decarbonization journey in the Asia Pacific. The first move was the partnership with AEC Group. In March, AECGroup collaborated with CRREM as 1st Partner of CRREM in Hong Kong and China, organizing a successful Webinar - Decarbonization of the Built Environment with CRREM, to introduce CRREM to Asia Pacific, on how to get started with CRREM along with the best-practice case studies.

The leading global initiative, CRREM together with AEC Group are pleased to announce the issuance of the first ever guideline in Chinese: Setting Decarbonization Targets – How to Apply the CRREM Pathways for China & Hong Kong, which is now available for download at CRREM's Official website.

The guideline will walk us through:

  • Net-zero target setting and transition risk

  • Applying the CRREM pathways for China & Hong Kong

  • ASIAN market uptake of CRREM is growing fast

  • Managing transition risk with the CRREM tool

Our Chairman and Executive Director, Grace Kwok, expresses her excitement about the CRREM guideline specially written for the Asia Pacific market: " AEC Group is proud to participate in the preparation of the Chinese version of this guideline. Partnering up with CRREM, I'm confident that we have the right tool to support companies of all sizes in their decarbonization journey using the updated CRREM-SBTi aligned pathway in order to achieve our goal to accelerate the net zero transition of the real estate sector in the Asia Pacific region.

Download the CRREM's first-ever guideline - Setting Decarbonization Targets - How to Apply the CRREM Pathways for China & Hong Kong: ENG CHI


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