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Event | Commitment to Recent & Renewed Appointments

AEC Group is thrilled to congratulate Ms. Grace Kwok, our Chairman and Executive Director on her recent new appointments in esteemed organizations including the Environmental and Conservation Fund, the Buildings Department, the Innovation and Technology Fund, and the Environmental Protection Department. As a seasonedsustainability professional with more than 20 years of experience, Grace is delighted to exchange brilliant ideas and proposals that contribute to the environment and building sector by taking up the following new roles:

· Chairman of the 30th Anniversary Events Subcommittee under the Environmental and Conservation Fund

· Member of the Expanded Building Committee under the Buildings Department

· Member of the ESS Assessment Panel under the Innovation and Technology Fund

· Member of the Noise Control Appeal Board Panel under the Environmental Protection Department

Under Grace’s leadership, AEC Group is excited to join hands and work with such reputable organizations to unlock more multidisciplinary accomplishments in the future!


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