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Speaking | Inspiring Sharing at HKTS Environmental Talk

A HUGE thank you to MTR Corporation Limited for inviting Ms. Grace Kwok, our Chairman and Executive Director, to the HKTS Environmental Talk to do a sharing for the station staff! Grace was honored to meet a wonderful crowd there while delivering her speech on sustainable development in Hong Kong, Green Building Certification Schemes, and BEAM Plus.

During her sharing, Grace provided a comprehensive overview of existing green building certification systems such as the renowned BEAM Plus system in Hong Kong. She highlighted the significance of BEAM Plus in promoting sustainable practices within the built environment and shared the latest developments in this field. She was delighted to engage with the station staff in this initiative and foster their collaboration in preparation for the upcoming BEAM Plus EB certification for the stations.

AEC Group believes in the power of collaboration when it comes to environmental conservation so thank you MTRC for providing such a meaningful platform for us all!


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