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Case Study | Greening The Hub Of Central - Charter House

Taking the leading role in embracing a sustainable journey, AEC is involved in building up the green portfolio of Hongkong Land Group (“Hongkong Land”) in Central, in the heart of Hong Kong. Chater House, the hub of Hongkong Land’s portfolio in Central, has been awarded the highest Platinum rating for Hong Kong BEAM Plus.

AEC worked closely with Hongkong Land to provide gap analysis, education sessions, technical studies, and support to demonstrate green operation and maintenance. AEC has also helped Hongkong Land to reduce the adverse environmental impacts by improving energy management, waste management, and building maintenance in Chater House.

Upon completion, Hongkong Land’s Central portfolio will enhance our capability of providing green building consultancy services in the local market, which consists of over 42,000 buildings and offers potential opportunities for existing buildings to go green.


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