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Case Study | Provision of Columbarium & Garden of Remembrance at Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun

The project provides over 150,000 indoor niches, rooftop gardens, outdoor joss paper burners, administrative facilities and a Gardens of Remembrance for the scattering of cremated ashes with memorial walls, which hold about 20,000 name plaques. Located at a rural and coastal setting, the project is designed to take away feelings of intimidation and anxiety by embracing the harmony of the natural environment. It aims to create a peaceful space, where the dead can be remembered and respected. In this regard, AEC makes efforts to ensure the building can serve its purpose as the meeting place of life and death.

Concerning the project design, AEC has assigned a certified BEAM Pro to coordinate BEAM Plus matters and ensure the design follows the requirement of BEAM standards. For instance, AEC has adopted a balcony approach and high headroom for the niches to allow cross ventilation and bring natural light into the interior. The open sea view is maximized with the proper orientation of the building blocks. Moreover, rainwater collected from the open hard paved area and road is used for irrigation and toilet flushing, which save over 70% of annual irrigation water. Apart from water-saving, air quality is also considered such as Joss paper burner was installed with water spray and an electrostatic precipitator. This installation can reduce the total weight of suspended particulates to less than 100 mg/m3 and remove more than 90% of particles. The green features of the project are summarized in below table:


Green features/Performance highlights

Site Aspects

  • Achieved 100% of the Urban Design Guidelines sub-items

  • Limited light pollution to nearby neighborhoods by mindful exterior lighting designs

  • Covered soft landscaped area & water features account for over 40% of the site area

Materials Aspects

  • Adapted non-CFC based refrigerants and building fabric

Energy Use

  • Used water-efficient sanitary fittings

  • Reduced over 50% of annual water consumption

  • Reduced over 70% in annual irrigation consumption by adopting efficient irrigation system

  • Reduced 18% of annual water consumption by Irrigation via rainwater harvesting system

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Achieved “Excellent Glass” IAQ objectives at Niches Hall and Office area

  • Achieved CIBSE Lighting Code 2012 such as lux and glare index for carpark, plant room, staircase, and lobby


  • Coordinated with certified BEAM Pro to ensure project design meets BEAM standard requirements

The project achieved a Platinum grade for BEAM Plus New Building.


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