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Certification | New LEED Certified Landmark in Banking Industry

Congratulations to Hang Seng Bank Head Office for achieving LEED Gold certification, and thanks to @Hang Seng Bank for their continued trust and support to AEC, our Chairman and Executive Director Ms. GRACE KWOK, and her project team was a pleasure to visit Hang Seng Bank Head Office and witnessed the LEED Gold certification presentation by USGBC North Asia Managing Director Mr. Andy TO to Hang Seng Bank!

The renovation project of this existing building is a people-oriented project that provides a vibrant and relaxing working environment for its staff and sets a good example of sustainable development in terms of energy efficiency and cost control, making it a new benchmark in the banking industry. We are pleased to provide consultancy services to all our clients on various green building certifications and work together to achieve our carbon neutrality goal!


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